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    Stain Chemicals

    1. 8 years ago
      A+ Stain Remover
      With some (/much) trepidation, I purchased two (2) containers ($80.00) of the A+ Stain Remover as I was advised thru INTHESWIM that one (1) container only treated 10,000 gals. My inground 22,500 gal pool has shown a 'brown strain' for two (2) years now. Portions of the vinyl liner showed unaffected stained areas where worms had laid but 99% of the liner, showed a "deep brown stain' that was unaffected by all chemical or even high chlorine levels. The vinyl liner was only three (3) years old and ... read more after the first winter showed the 'brown strain'. The pool chemistry was 'perfect' but the stain remained. Today, I received the A+ Stain Remover (only after ordering it the day before) and immediately sprinkled it on the lower steps and in the shallow end of my pool. Within 3 minutes it was noticeable the A+ Stain Remover was lighting the brown stain. Enthusiastically I sprinkled both containers thruout the entire pool and let the pump run. Within two (2) hours the entire pool brown stain was removed or (neutralized) and my liner looks like NEW. THIS product worked for me and was worth the 'expensive' price and finally solved my strain problem that NO other product or service could solve.
    2. 8 years ago
      This stuff is amazing
      Our pool is near a lot of Japanese Maples and even with a leaf net, debri gets to in to the pool. Once the leaves were gone and net removed I cleaned the pool. But for the first time, the pool walls and bottom were a brownish, yellow color and brushing and shocking it would not remove it. At first I thoguth it was algea and tried an algecide. This did not work. I have used other stain removes from In the Swim but thought I would try this new product. I was amazed. Only hours after putting it in ... read more the water the stains are gone. The water is crystal clear for the first time in over a month. Great product!
    3. 7 years ago
      I'm a believer
      I was hesitant to buy this stuff,because of the size of my pool ,I needed 2 bottles....80+ bucks(after tax etc.).It was only after reading someone elses testimonial about A+,that I gave it a try.My pool also had lingering brown stains,that had resisted multiple treatments of metal out,stain remover,algaecide,manual scrubbing,and other pool treatments.I opened those bottles and hesitantly poured the powder in around the sides of my pool,and turned the pump on,it was getting dark so I couldn't see ... read more the results that night,and I took off for work next morning.I got a call at work ,from my wife,so excited that the brown stains were gone!..Thanks A+,and thanks to the guy who wrote the review that gave me the encouragement to try it.After all the money I had spent already in trying to get the stains out ,I wish I had tried it first!and no scrubbing!!
    1. 5 months ago
      Easy to use shock
      Helps keep the pool clean and sanitary. I mix it with water in a bucket briefly before throwing it into the pool.
    2. 1 month ago
      Great Service
      Always have what I need at a good price. Quick delivery every time.
    3. 3 months ago
      Works well
      The weather has been different than normal so I can't tell yet how well it will work over a period of time but so far I am very pleased.
    1. 1 year ago
      Worked as described! Great product.
      I bought this a few weeks ago based on the great reviews. We have well water and extremely high levels of iron in our water. I've had it in the pool two weeks now so I won't know how good it is for a couple of weeks yet when I test the water again, but the bag has turned a deep brown and I am assuming it is really working.
    2. 4 years ago
      works great!
      I was very happy when my water test come in with no medals in it!
    3. 4 years ago
      This product works very well!
      I have had an ongoing problem with staining on my steps. After removing the stains with Stain Free, I dropped the Culator in the basket as directed, and have had no more staining now for three weeks so far....a first!
    1. 5 months ago
      Really works!!!
      My pool walls and bottom was stained brown and went to the local pool store and they sold me 106.00 worth of chemicals that didn't work. Ordered super stain away and it worked overnight. Amazing stuff!! Saved my summer. Thought I was done swimming for the rest of the summer. Was ready to close my pool.
    2. 1 year ago
      Super Stain Away Is The Bomb!!
      I called customer service as I had these brown stains in my above ground pool. It would not scrub off and I was wearing myself out!!!The rep told me it sounded like metal stain and to try the Stain Away. I did and let me tell you this product is the bomb!! If you have a pool with this issue call- - In The Swim!! They have really helped me with my problems concerning pool care. Thank You In The Swim and the rep that recommended it!!
    3. 8 years ago
      Great Product
      We had a large stain in the middle of are 15X30 above ground pool, Tried many products, and they did not remove the stain, after two treatments of super stain away the stain is gone, thought we might have to replace the liner, but thanks to this product the stain is gone.
    1. 2 years ago
      Miracle pill
      Great product it does a lot and you do not need any other products but company needs to do something about shipping and or handling it is really ridiculous
    2. 2 years ago
      Summer pill
      Love it I put in pool and pool cleared right up I would recommend this to everyone
    3. 3 years ago
      Bought this 7 weeks ago and has made the pool sparkling clear and easy to manage. I still vacuum the pool every week but have not had to add chemicals at all. Love this
    1. 3 years ago
      Works when nothing else would.
      If someone told me metal stains were such a problem, I might have thought twice about getting a pool. Seriously, I've got no time or patience for it, and even my pool guy can't figure out what's up. I was just about ready to throw in the towel when a friend recommended CuLator. It's a little pricey, but after the money already spent, what did I have to lose? THE STUFF WORKS. Don't know how, don't care, it just does. Couldn't be easier, just replace the cartridge once a month. Wish I had found this years ago.
    2. 5 months ago
      Worked great !!
      We bought this item in hopes to lower our copper levels. And to our surprise it has worked great leap . We put in the 4.0 Culater in the main pump drain, as well as a 1.0 in both our side drains. We had the water tested two days ago and are copper levels went from 0.2. To 0. For the past seven years I have always had high copper levels and now I don’t. I will always have these on hand there’s supposed to be good for 30 days I think
    3. 4 years ago
      It worked!
      I had iron stains on my pool liner from using well water. My first attempt to get rid of the stains worked but then they came back in a couple days. My second attempt included using the CULator and the stains did not come back! I am so relieved to be done with that problem.
    1. 4 years ago
      Great Product
      The Blue Stuff works great. Had yellow stains on the bottom in the deep end , used this as directed and by morning stains were gone.
    2. 1 year ago
      Great stain rover
      We purchased Jack"s Magic The Blue Stuff Stain Remover about 2 weeks ago .. The local birds enjoyed eating and carrying mulberries around and over our pool while we were on vacation. The stains on the bottom of our pool were terrible. Nothing the local pool stores carry came close to helping. We had used Jack's Magic several years ago with great success. So we decided to try it again. We had a beautiful blue pool bottom within 24 hours. We would recommend it to any pool owner.
    3. 2 years ago
      It worked on my fiberglass pool!
      So far so good, I get horrible mineral stains (probably copper) in my pool and have tried many products, some that involve "Sequestering the minerals" but it always seems to come back and often all at once in a big splotch. This product seems to have worked just fine, what a difference. Love my fiberglass pool, don't even need algaecide and very low chemical cost.. I think I found my stain remover of the future, if I ever need it again.
    1. 9 years ago
      Worked for me!
      This seems to have worked pretty well for me. Used it a couple of times over the past years. I refill my pool with our well water which has a lot of iron in it. I get stains on my pool bottom and sides. When used as directed on product, this removed nearly all of my stains on my 10 year old fiberglass pool. Package recommends use of metal remover after use of this product. Buy them both at the same time.
    2. 6 months ago
      After converting from a solid winter cover to a mesh trampoline cover several years ago started seeing stains from dirt, leaves and worms getting under the cover during the winter. Tried other removers without success. Followed the instructions and my liner looks new again with all the stains removed. Amazing!
    3. 5 months ago
      Not quite there
      We used this product in our 20 x 40 i ground pool but it only took out about 60 or 70% of the stains. Perhaps I didn’t mix it enough but I’m pretty sure we had the PH & Chrorine at the right levels for putting this cleaner in. We’re probably going to give it another try...
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Stain Chemicals

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Stain & Scale Control in Pools

    Pool stain chemicals are an integral part of keeping your pool looking clean, new and inviting. Keeping your pool water balanced and keeping a clean pool sometimes are not enough. In addition to our In The Swim stain chemicals, we also carry Aqua Pills, Jack's Magic, Natural Chemistry, and Sea-Klear pool stain chemicals. There are two types of pool stain chemicals - stain removers and stain preventers, and some that do a little of both. 

    Pool Stain Removers

    With balanced chemistry and a clean pool, stain removers are sprinkled over the surface to lift pool stains. For general purpose organic stains, try E-Z stain remover and for metallic stains try A Plus stain remover. You can also make a Stain Sock by pouring one of our stain removers, or pH Decreaser into a thin sock or hosiery, tied off tightly. Place directly over the stain, moving the location every few minutes, in the pool or with your pool brush. Finally a use for those orphan socks! 

    Pool Stain Preventers

    Commonly called Stain & Scale chemicals, this group of pool stain chemicals is used to keep minerals and metals dissolved in solution. Known in the trade as sequestering agents, they chemically lock-up metals and minerals, so they cannot come out of solution to stain your pool surfaces. Pool stain prevention chemicals include products like Super Stain Away and SeaKlear Metal Klear. Use weekly to prevent pool stains from iron, calcium and copper, by keeping these metals and minerals safely dissolved. 

    Pool Metal Removers

    Sequestering agents don't actually remove metals from the water, they simply keep them dissolved in solution, as long as you add regular maintenance doses. However, major chemical movements or poor water chemistry can force metals and minerals out of solution, where they can stain or cloud the pool water. In such cases, an effective DE or Cartridge filter can remove suspended minerals and metals. One chemical however, CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer actually REMOVES metals from your pool water. Place the packet in the cage and drop it in your skimmer basket - absorbs copper, iron, manganese, nickel and cobalt ions.