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    Pool Opening Chemicals

    1. 2 years ago
      Above ground start up kit
      Bought the kit to open up my pool. The kit was right but something has changed. It was always this this then this then this and finally this. Now it's follow the instructions on the bottle or package. When you read the directions on the product it doesn't talk about opening up the pool in the spring. I will buy from another supplier next time and see if they still have the opening instructions in the box. There is no guess work that way.
    2. 8 months ago
      Amazing Pool Start-up with Powerful Chlorine Shock
      Every year we purchase In the Swim' s start up kit. Since I was downsizing and planning on selling my home, last summer we did not open our 16x32 pool. I even thought the house would sell quickly so I didn't even put any chemicals in the covered pool. Well, it's finally selling at the end of May and the buyers wanted us to open the pool, start the filter, etc. so they could have the pool and equipment inspected. We opened the pool, water didn't look that bad. We vacuumed, put in chemicals to ... read more get it going... voila... within the days it was Crystal clear and swim-ready! These products always perform as expected, but this time they really went way beyond our expectations!!!
    3. 4 years ago
      wonderful chemicals!
      I have tried many other pool chemicals for our pool in the past and I wasn't satisfied with them because it seems nothing would clear up our pool water. Then when I found In The Swim I tried their products and boy was I surprised at the difference! I am grateful I can order from them and get my products the very next day! I will never try another pool supply store, In The Swim has a customer for life with me. Thank you In The Swim!
    1. 2 years ago
      Love these, work great and saves me money on chemicals.
    2. 3 years ago
      Love this value pack!
      I was very weary of using this over the winter instead of the other chemicals we usually winterize with in the past. Our pool water was fresh and clear when we removed the pool cover a month ago. We have used the spring pill for startup and one summer pull this far into the summer. Very pleased with these products and super easy to maintain the pool.
    3. 4 months ago
      Good product
      Great Product and Safe to swim in and used for all weather
    1. 3 years ago
      Fast shipping
      Great product. Good price and fast shipping. I will be a return customer.
    2. 9 months ago
      Very Effective; Easy to Use
      Just finished a complete cleaning of my filter before opening. This product cleaned the fingers much better, easier and quicker than anything else I have tried. Sprayed cleaner directly on fingers, allowed it to work for a while, then hosed it off. I repeated the process a second time to get to the inner fingers better. Still only used half of the bottle and the dirt, gunk and green are gone - fingers look nearly new.
    3. 4 years ago
      DE Filter Cleaner
      My filter kept clogging up and returning greasy substance back into pool. I used this cleaner to soak my filter grids. No more problems.
    1. 3 years ago
      As advertised
      Works great... better than I hoped..will buy again
    2. 10 years ago
      Excellent product
      I use the Sand Filter Cleaner every time I backwash my filter for cleaner, better operation of my filter and overall operation of my pool.
    3. 7 years ago
      Fantastic Cleaner!
      This stuff works great! My pool chemistry has been in like but the water was a tad dull. We had a storm a night ago and some leaves in the pool. I cleaned it out and we have tons of bugs. Put this cleaner in and let it sit an hour. My husband could not believe the junk coming out with backwashing! Absolutely amazing! My water is now crystal clear!!! Will use this again! Thanks In The Swim!!
    1. 10 years ago
      stain free tm
      I had a very interesting time trying to get my pool to shine, sparkle and look inviting untl I found STAIN FREE it's just like Putting Vitamin C in your pool water. Just lightly sprinkle the C all over the pool and watch it litereally eat away all pool stains. It leaves your water crisp and clear within a few hours and makes swimming the ultimate because of the conditioned water. I recommend everyone to try Stain Free at least once. You'll never go without again! Thanks, Paula
    2. 10 years ago
      Works like a charm!
      Last year I had the worst brownish-orange stains all over the sides and bottom of my pool. I researched the heck out of it on the internet and found some website that said if a crushed vitamin C tablet rubbed on the stain makes it come out, then it is a mineral stain. But then it gave some crazy instructions for treating the whole pool. After some more research, I came upon Stain Free, which is "Vitamin C for your pool". It works FAST and effectively and completely ridded my pool of the stain ... read more (that had been there for several weeks) within a few hours. It has worked just as well at removing leaf stains (from when leaves sit at the bottom of the pool too long). I love this stuff, just wish it came in a bigger container. I would love to buy it in bulk!
    3. 8 years ago
      5 Year Old Liner Looks Brand New!
      Each summer start up, we have brown and yellow staining on the hard plastic surfaces such as the skimmer and steps and the liner has a dull brownish tint. We used Ascorb-X one year (which was a super product) but isn't as "environmentally safe" as Stain Free and is no longer sold. You must be sure the chlorine is low to apply this product or it will not work. If your water balance is good and chlorine low...the results are amazing. Don't be dissapointed if you don't see a change right away. Ours ... read more was significantly stained and after about 12-18 hours looked BRAND NEW! We added clarifier at the end of 24 hours and the pool is beautiful!!!!!
    1. 6 years ago
      Great on my skin
      I have a fair skin complexion making me highly susceptible to chlorine. I originally thought I could get by with just using this and not using Chlorine in my pool. Nope don’t make that mistake, that was a rookie move I had made many years ago until I found my pool having mustard algae and a huge chlorine demand. Wound up forking out a lot of money to bring my chlorine levels back up to par, but I paid for the lesson. So while you still need chlorine to effectively balance your pool, this is ... read more great for weekly shock treatments and upkeep which is easier on my skin then standard chlorine treatments.
    2. 4 years ago
      Excellent Compliment for Chlorine Users
      I learned this from several pool chemistry experts, plus through use over years. If you use chlorine to general purpose sanitize your pool, this is an excellent complimentary shock treatment. It disperses well and you will not have any where near as long of a wait time as super-shocking with chlorine to keep the kids/guests out of the pool. Individual packets are a plus, but it is more costly than chlorine. It's worth it as an alternative shock.
    3. 2 years ago
      Great Deal on Chlorine Tablets!
      We've purchased all of our chlorine tablets from In the Swim in the past three years since building our pool. We have pool stores in town but their prices don't even come close. The product is usually received within 2 days, and the UPS man even drives the truck up to the end of the driveway just feet away from the storage area for convenience. Getting the best price around and not having to 50 lbs. chlorine to and from a store and in the car are just two of the reasons why In the Swim will ... read more always have our business. Great store!
    1. 2 years ago
      Instructions for using the "Pool Opening Kit".
      This set of instruction were emailed to me by a customer service rep from In The Swim after I called to complain that my opening kit didn't include the "step by step" document. * NOTE - IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ITS NOT MY FAULT. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the beginning of the season: 1. Remove The Cover To make removal of the cover easier, drain as much water off the top of the cover as possible. Slowly ... read more remove the cover so that unwanted debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) that has accumulated on the cover over the winter does not fall into the pool. To further extend the life of the cover, thoroughly remove any dirt and grime from the cover with a mild soap and rinse with a garden hose. To prevent the cover form sticking or forming mildew, let it dry completely before storing it for the swimming season. 2. Connect Pool Equipment If the filtration system was cleaned before closing the pool in the fall, then attach the hoses and open all valves. If the system needs to be cleaned or the sand needs to be replaced, now is the time to do it. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines to accurately ready the pump, filter and heater for the swimming season. Be sure to lubricate all o-rings with water-based lubricant, free skimmer basket and lint pot of debris and remove all winterizing plugs. If antifreeze was used, vacuum out the lines or let it drain into the pool. 3. Add Water Begin adding water until ¾ of the skimmer is covered. 4. Clean the Pool Once the pool is filled, it is time to skim and vacuum. Chemicals are much more effective if the pool is clear of debris. Clarifier will help your filter remove small particles that ordinary vacuuming can’t pick up. 5. Adjust the Pool’s pH & Alkalinity Levels pH, remember, is the most important component of your pool water. 6. Shock the Pool To effectively oxidize the pool water, add Pool Shock, Super Pool Shock, Lithium Shock or Chlor-Free Shock at a rate of 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons. 7. Stabilize the Pool Completely dissolve the required amount of Stabilizer, at a rate of 2-1/2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons, in a bucket of water and add to pool water. 8. Sanitize the Pool To make swimming safe and economical, maintain proper levels of sanitizer. 9. Add Algaecide Add algaecide as a preventative measure for keeping the water free of algae. 10. In The Swim® Start-Up Kits ** Used ONLY as initial start-up dosages ** Each kit includes the necessary chemicals for getting a pool ready for the swimming season including: Chlorine Shock, Algaecide, Clarifier and Stain, Rust & Scale Preventor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use this every year and it really helps me a lot better then the directions that come with it now. Hope it helps.
    2. 2 years ago
      Good Opening Kit With Room For Improvent
      I bought the opening kit and as much as the chemicals did what they were disupposed to do. Unfortunately, since I open my pool only once a year, it would have been very helpful to have a sheet explaining the order of using each chemical. I had to refer to the internet for support when it could have been as simple as reading the directions in the box.
    3. 1 decade ago
      You have got to try this
      Use the Deluxe Opening Kit, when you open your pool. I have a mesh cover, so after I get the filter up and running,and clean out some of the junk, I started with the products in this kit. Within 3 days, my pool was crystal clear! Also I noticed the fixtures turning yellow(due to metal in the pool), I used the Metal Free, which is included, and the next morning everything was white again. The price of this kit is incredible, having all the products in there.
    1. 2 years ago
      These are the first ACURATE test stips I've found!
      I was skeptical when I purchased the 'AquaChek Select 7 Way Test Strips' but, after using them, I'm so glad I did! I've used other test strips before and their accuracy wasn't that great. They would be okay for say PH, but not accurate for Chlorine, etc. In fact, it got to the point where I would drive to the pool store to have my water tested because I didn't trust the results, and as it turned out, it was a good thing I did. But these strips are accurate every test, every time! And results are ... read more fast, 15 seconds for accurate results. PS - did I mention they are accurate?
    2. 1 decade ago
      7 Way Test Strips
      At first glance, you would think that these strips would not dial you in that well on your chemistry. After using them for three years now, I've found that they really do. I rarely go to the pool store for a computer water check anymore. These strips are so quick and easy that I can check my chemistry as often as I like. The vaules to be in shown by the strips have proven to be very accurate. When I keep my pool within the guidelines, I have no problems with the pool.
    3. 1 year ago
      Great Products
      I always buy my pool supplies at In the Swim and usually have great service. Last time I ordered I accidentally ordered the wrong test strips and realized this when I printed off my receipt and immediately contacted them to have them send the right ones. I was told the order had already been processed and they couldn't stop it. It had been less than 5 minutes??!! I don't understand how their system works but seems there should be a way to change an order within a set period of time.
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