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    Closing Kits

    1. 1 day ago
      Winterizing is a breeze!
      Great winterizing package. Use it last year and when I opened the pool this year it was crystal clear.
    2. 1 year ago
      Works great
      I have used the pool open and closing kits for years. The products work and are worth the price.
    3. 11 months ago
      Actually Works!
      I used this kit at the end of last season and opening was a snap. Just vacuumed the bottom and the water was clear. We have a LoopLock cover that allows water and small particles to drain through, so I usually add a bottle of algaecide in February: winters in the south are not as bad as up north. Since it did so well, I got again for this year. Highly recommend this kit.
    1. 1 week ago
      winter ball issue
      I bought two winterizing kits with the winter pill. the kits are easy to use. one kit included a sheet on how to winterize the pool but the other didn't have this. The pin to puncture the winter ball was never check by a person ...the body is too big to fit into the hole or the shaft is too short to puncture the seal. An ice pick or long nail worked well.
    2. 6 days ago
      Winterizing Kit
      I get a Winterizing kit every year from In The Swim. It’s all in one box with instructions. Very easy to understand. I usually get the kit in a day or so. I get all my pool needs from In The Swim. Awesome prices, and quick delivery!!!!
    3. 5 days ago
      15 years, never a disapointment
      I have been buying pool chemicals from in the swim for over 15 years, never disappointed. They always do a great job and never over priced.
    1. 1 decade ago
      Best Opening Ever
      The year before last we had a "professional" close our pool and opening it last spring was a nightmare. It cost a fortune and when we opened the pool, it was like a neglected pond, complete with frogs and tadpoles. Last year, we purchased a winterizing kit and the winter ball from In the Swim....WOW! This year when we took off our cover, the water was clear. There was a little algae on the sides and bottom, but it was easily brushed and filtered out. I've lived with a pool for 36 years and I've ... read more never seen a pool in such great shape in the spring. Thank you In the Swim! I've already ordered my winterizing kit and winter ball for closing this year and it's only early July!
    2. 7 years ago
      After 14 years of opening a pool to a swamp, the only change was adding this in the closing of the pool 2010. Opening May of 2011 was amazing clear. Even after having 2 90 degree days(which would normally cook up some algea) before we took off the mesh cover, it was the cleariest it has ever been.
    3. 2 years ago
      Works Great!
      I bought this last year around this time and just threw it in and covered my pool. When I opened my pool again at the end of April my pool was a clear and clean looking as it was when I covered it. I didn't use any other closing chemicals, just closed off and drained my pump and let the ball do it's work.
    1. 5 days ago
      Works Good
      Works good, water is pretty good when opening pool in spring after using this kit. Not sure if I'll purchase again, waiting to hear from In The Swim on another matter to determine if they stand behind there products they sell, before I'll purchase from them again
    2. 1 week ago
      IT WORKS
      I have use these kits for 4 years now.No more green water when I take off the winter cover.No more dumping $100 + worth of chemicals to clean up the water.Only complaint is that ITS should drop their handiling fee.
    3. 1 week ago
      Sticking with a WINNER!
      I have had consistently very good results with this winterizing kit. I tried numerous other "kits" usually with unacceptable results. This is the 3rd year in a row that I will be using this kit because it just works!
    1. 4 years ago
      Works Great
      This well be the third year that we are using POOL MAGIC. Pool has been very clear each spring opening
    2. 1 decade ago
      Crystal clear pool on spring opening
      We've been using this product for 3 years (after a horrible experience opening our pool) and we wouldn't close or open our pool without it now. Great product.
    3. 1 year ago
      I'm sold!
      Short version: this stuff works! Longer version: For the past several years I've been opening my 20,000 gallon (w/ mesh safety cover) pool to find it so green and nasty looking (due to the mesh safety cover), that at times I thought draining it might be a better option. That said, I figured I would give this [Pool Magic Plus Phosfree Pool Cleaner] a try, especially since it was still relatively warm when I closed the pool. I did the normal closing procedure, but this time added Pool Magic ... read more too. Then in March, I added a second bottle (as the product recommends). Well, I just pulled the pool cover off and... WOW! This stuff REALLY works! I was expecting to see the usual algae green water that's so dark and 'thick' you can't see the bottom of the pool (or the steps for that matter). However, this year, not only is the water not green but, for the first time EVER, I can actually see the bottom of the pool (even in the deep end)!
    1. 2 weeks ago
      Good Kit
      Does a good job. Spring startup has been better than pool shop kit.
    2. 2 weeks ago
      I have used this kit for many years and my pool has always been clear when opened for the Summer. Good product and I will continue to use uit from year to year.
    3. 4 years ago
      InTheSwim Instructions Almost Always Lacking
      Guys, you've GOT to get it together on your opening and closing instructions. The closing instructions shown on the website page above these comments tell us to add Pool Magic first, Phosphate Remover second, Shock third. Your printed instructions with the kit say to add Shock first, WAIT a half-hour, and then add Pool Magic and the Phosphate Remover. Your online directions tell us to lower the pool level BEFORE adding anything. Anyone who does will soon realize that the pump STILL needs to be ... read more running for all of the chemicals, so lowering the water would have been a big mistake. The product is great and I really enjoy purchasing from your company, but I can't understand why you can't be clearer in these situations.
    1. 1 year ago
      Eliminated Algae quickly
      We recently had a new liner installed and the water was saved by pumping into large bladders. Unfortunately, there was algae in the bladders which made its way into the pool during refilling. Before using, we couldn't see a foot down into the pool. 3 days after the initial dose, water was crystal clear and were adding the maintenance dose weekly with no signs of reoccurrence.
    2. 9 years ago
      No more scrubbing the pool.
      I used to scrub my pool even the chlorine level was adequate. Then I tried some cheap copper based algaecide and it worked really well. But I later discovered stain spots around my pool. Did some more research and found polymer based. Expensive but a perfect solution to save the labor. Owning a pool is easier now, totally worth the $
    3. 4 months ago
      Works well for me
      I have been using this product for many years. Along with Calcium Hypochlorite, it has kept my pool algae-free. I like this algaecide (amber-colored and viscous) better than the blue stuff, which I think might be a blend of algaecide and clarifier.
    1. 1 decade ago
      Great anti freeze
      This product I have been using now for 4-5 years. Just fill up your underground pipes with this, seal them off and you wont have to worry about freezing, cracking pip[e, etc... at all during the winter.
    2. 1 decade ago
      Pool Closing Extra
      This is great for closing pools. Water is usually always clear and blue upon opening.
    3. 1 decade ago
      Anti- freeze at it's best
      I have been using this anti- freeze for over three years and the product works wonders. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and that is protect lines. Excellent product and would recommend to all that have underground lines and plumbing for their inground pools.
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Closing Kits

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Close Your Pool With The Right Winter Pool Chemicals

    During the long off season in the snowbelt – for those that winterize their swimming pool – the water is not being circulated, filtered or sanitized - making your pool the perfect breeding ground for algae. Our winter pool closing kits have been specifically designed and formulated to provide you with the exact combination of powerful winterizing chemicals to help ensure a swift opening next spring, without additional chemicals needed to restore water clarity. All of our In The Swim Pool Winter Kits Include:

    Chlorine-Free Shock

    Our Chlorine-Free Shock is a powerful oxidizing agent, but is non-chlorine, and will never harm your pool surfaces or your pool cover. Chlorine-Free winter shock also dissolves faster than chlorine, and maintains greater efficacy at a wider range of pH level. All of our Winter Pool Kits contain our premium non-chlorine shock oxidizer to burn off any remaining impurities, while not reducing the effectiveness of other chemicals.

    Time-Release Winter Floater

    Our exclusive time-release Winter Floater discharges a non-chlorine oxidizing agent into your pool water for months after it's been covered. Not only does this winter chemical floater sanitize your pool water, but also works to remove carbon dioxide from the water - eliminating one of algae's primary food sources. Unlike chlorine tablet pool floaters, our non-chlorine Winter Floater will never stain your plaster or vinyl. 

    Winter Stain Away

    Specifically formulated for closing your pool, Winter Stain Away helps eliminate stain-causing metals and minerals that can leave your pool with costly liner stains or hard-to-clean waterline build-up. Winter Stain Away sequesters metals – keeping them tied up in solution, to prevent them from precipitating out during winter. Works wonders on mesh safety covered pools, and keeps working all year round to help prevent metal and mineral stains.


    The final step to preventing algae next spring is to pour in our special winter pool algaecide. Dr. Pool's own proprietary polymer blend combines in perfect harmony with the other items in your pool winterizing kit. When used in conjunction with our other pool closing chemicals our Winterizer Algaecide is the perfect "knock-out" punch against algae. Lasts all winter long, even into a warm spring.

    Winter Sorb 

    Made exclusively for our Winterizing Kits, the Winter Sorb™ can absorb up to 40 times its weight in residual suntan lotions and body oils to prevent grease, grime and waterline scum. Oils are not good for keeping a clear pool that is winterized. They provide a low grade food source for algae, and can clog up the waterways, easily combining with free chlorine to create chloramines, which get in the way of free chlorine trying to do its job.

    Buy the Winter Kit that best fits your pool size. Don't order a kit that's too small, it's better to have some extra chemical in the pool to help guard against cover tears, heavy debris or warm springtime temperatures. And if you close early, or open late in the season, to buy the next larger size winter kit. 

    To help select the best Winter Closing Kit, use these formulas to closely calculate the number of gallons in your pool.
     - Round Pools: Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons
     - Oval Pools: Long Diameter x Short Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons
     - Rectangular Pools: Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons

    In The Swim Winter Kit Instructions:
    Winter Chemical Kits, Pool Closing Instructions

     1. Before you close the pool, clean the pool thoroughly.
     2. For algae or cloudy water, shock the pool and vacuum debris.
     3. Pool pH level should be 7.3-7.5, chlorine at 2-3 ppm.
        - Add Chlorine Free Winter Pool Shock. Brush pool.
        - Add Winter Enzymes and Phosphate Remover; (Ultimate Kit).
        - Add Winterizer pool closing algaecide to pool.
     4. Lower pool water to your proper winter level.
        - Poke holes in Winter Pool Floater, place in the pool.
        - Place the Winter Sorb in pool, to soak up and digest oils.
     5. Cover pool quickly and tightly to block leaves and debris.
     6. Winterize the pool plumbing and equipment properly.