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    Chemical Value Packs

    1. 3 years ago
      THE BEST!!
      These chemicals are the best I've found so far. I have the least issues with my pool with in the swim chemicals. We have a 30000 gallon in ground pool, and with these products I can have it up and running within three days. I have turned so many of my friends on to in the swim. Plus,, when you place an order with them you can expect it to arrive within 2-3 business days. Very reliable and very happy!
    2. 2 years ago
      was simple and easy to use
      Pool chemicals work great. Will place more orders when I need them.
    3. 9 years ago
      great value
      First time buying chemicals from you this year, always have gone to the local supplier, I had to stop by the supplier for a repair part and checked out the prices to compare, I think it was close to $75 savings. I'll be back next year
    1. 2 weeks ago
      Good products
      Like having everything we need to close. These are product brands I typically use.
    2. 1 decade ago
      Soooo Easy!
      This is the first year that we used In The Swim and we were very happy! Every order we placed arrived in only 1-2 day and saved me going to the pool store and carring all of the heavy products! The prices were much better then the pool stores also so we saved money! We purchased the ultimate closing chemical package this fall along with the winter ball. They were all very easy to use and we're sure to be pleased when we open the pool in the spring!
    3. 4 years ago
      InTheSwim Instructions Almost Always Lacking
      Guys, you've GOT to get it together on your opening and closing instructions. The closing instructions shown on the website page above these comments tell us to add Pool Magic first, Phosphate Remover second, Shock third. Your printed instructions with the kit say to add Shock first, WAIT a half-hour, and then add Pool Magic and the Phosphate Remover. Your online directions tell us to lower the pool level BEFORE adding anything. Anyone who does will soon realize that the pump STILL needs to be ... read more running for all of the chemicals, so lowering the water would have been a big mistake. The product is great and I really enjoy purchasing from your company, but I can't understand why you can't be clearer in these situations.
    1. 1 decade ago
    2. 5 months ago
      Great Value - Exceptional Service
      Fourth year in a row I've bought this kit. Great price, fast delivery. This year, however, the tablets didn't arrive after about a week. Normally, tablets are delivered in a day or two. Called customer service, and they sent the tabs out, without hesitation. Got the tablets in a couple of days. Just can't beat!
    3. 1 decade ago
      Best Chemicals and Value Ever!
      I used these chemicals last Summer! Wow!! They're Awsome! I opened the pool on Saturday, and it was crystal clear by Monday. That's NEVER happened with ANY of our pools over the years. I've always used HTH. Mostly because it was economical. Well, I'd spend Hundreds to keep the pool clean. With the In-The-Swim Brand, my pool was the only one in the neighborhood that wasn't pea soup last summer. I used less chemicals. I spent half the money I usually spend, and there was little to no work to keep ... read more the pool clean! This brand is incredible. I'd recommend it to everyone! I'm just sorry I hadn't found it sooner. I'll be forever loyal. Besides, it comes to my house with FREE SHIPPING! What else could a Housewife ask for? Great Product. you won't be sorry.
    1. 4 years ago
      works great
      Changed from chlorine to bromine and glad we did. Don't forget the Sodium Bromide to go with tabs.
    2. 6 months ago
      A complete kit
      Everything you need to start your spa and keep it running
    3. 1 year ago
      Great kit, needs Bromine Startup!
      The kit is perfect.....except it could use the bromine kick start. Then it would be 5 stars for sure. Since this is my first time using bromine, I didn't know, so I had to go buy that separately.
    1. 1 decade ago
      Great Product
      I have used in the swim products for a few years. My pool holds 30,000 gallons of water, I tried other products and nothing works like in the swim. Easy to order, easy to use, ( good directions included), great price and no running from store to store to find exactly what you need. I have recommened the start up kit as well as the closing kit to many of my friends and neighbors whom have pools. We love it, thank you. Carol
    2. 1 year ago
      Instructions for using the "Pool Opening Kit".
      This set of instruction were emailed to me by a customer service rep from In The Swim after I called to complain that my opening kit didn't include the "step by step" document. * NOTE - IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ITS NOT MY FAULT. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the beginning of the season: 1. Remove The Cover To make removal of the cover easier, drain as much water off the top of the cover as possible. Slowly ... read more remove the cover so that unwanted debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) that has accumulated on the cover over the winter does not fall into the pool. To further extend the life of the cover, thoroughly remove any dirt and grime from the cover with a mild soap and rinse with a garden hose. To prevent the cover form sticking or forming mildew, let it dry completely before storing it for the swimming season. 2. Connect Pool Equipment If the filtration system was cleaned before closing the pool in the fall, then attach the hoses and open all valves. If the system needs to be cleaned or the sand needs to be replaced, now is the time to do it. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines to accurately ready the pump, filter and heater for the swimming season. Be sure to lubricate all o-rings with water-based lubricant, free skimmer basket and lint pot of debris and remove all winterizing plugs. If antifreeze was used, vacuum out the lines or let it drain into the pool. 3. Add Water Begin adding water until ¾ of the skimmer is covered. 4. Clean the Pool Once the pool is filled, it is time to skim and vacuum. Chemicals are much more effective if the pool is clear of debris. Clarifier will help your filter remove small particles that ordinary vacuuming can’t pick up. 5. Adjust the Pool’s pH & Alkalinity Levels pH, remember, is the most important component of your pool water. 6. Shock the Pool To effectively oxidize the pool water, add Pool Shock, Super Pool Shock, Lithium Shock or Chlor-Free Shock at a rate of 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons. 7. Stabilize the Pool Completely dissolve the required amount of Stabilizer, at a rate of 2-1/2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons, in a bucket of water and add to pool water. 8. Sanitize the Pool To make swimming safe and economical, maintain proper levels of sanitizer. 9. Add Algaecide Add algaecide as a preventative measure for keeping the water free of algae. 10. In The Swim® Start-Up Kits ** Used ONLY as initial start-up dosages ** Each kit includes the necessary chemicals for getting a pool ready for the swimming season including: Chlorine Shock, Algaecide, Clarifier and Stain, Rust & Scale Preventor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use this every year and it really helps me a lot better then the directions that come with it now. Hope it helps.
    3. 1 year ago
      Great product
      I buy both the opening and closing ultimate kits for my pool and never have any problems or have to add any extra chemicals, outside of my regular weekly chlorine shock. I've used it for years without fail. I've tried other products but nothing come close to the ultimate cleaning kit. The company, In The Swim, is great to deal with, their delivery is fast, and their prices are very compatible or better than other online dealers.
    1. 1 year ago
      Great budget pack
      Brought as a starter summer fun. Used to open pool. Worked just fine and using it till gone then getting the big one.
    2. 9 years ago
      Great Package!
      This is my 2nd season purchasing this value package and it is well worth the money. I NEVER have pool problems with IN THE SWIM products. It's almost like my pool takes care of its self. I prefer the 1 in. tabs because they're easier to use. Shipping is always lighting fast and their customer service is top notch. I will continue to buy this value pack.
    3. 1 year ago
      Easy to use with instructions
      Excellent winterizing capability. Used it for years.
    1. 1 year ago
      Excellent product
      Very happy with the results and easy of closing pool
    2. 1 year ago
      Great kit!
      This kit is perfect for keeping our pool clear! It makes maintenance a snap!
    3. 1 year ago
      Eliminated My Yellow Algae
      We have a 15,000 gallon 16 year old concrete pool that needs to be refinished because it has corroded over the years from chemical use which creates the perfect environment for algae growth. We had mustard algea pretty much everywhere with a concentration on the sides and steps. The Super Algeacide and Super Shock totally eliminated it! It took a lot of elbow grease (brushing and vacuuming), but after a couple days and almost the entire bottle of Super Algeacide over the course of thee days, it ... read more is gone and has remained gone! Last summer I spent much more $ at our local pool supply store buying products to eliminate the mustard algea. Great product and great price!
    1. 4 years ago
      Algae Pool Pack
      We bought this last month when we had an algae bloom. The package arrived very fast and we added it to the pool, following the directions. It cut the algae out in no time at all and was just what we needed.
    2. 9 years ago
      Love In the Swim
      I purchase all of my pool supplies here. The price are lower than retail stores & the shipping is SUPER Speed! This Algae pack is a great deal & works well. Easy to use.
    3. 1 decade ago
      Great product
      My pool turned from green to blue overnight after being green for about a week would definately use this product again and recommend it!!!
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Pool Chemical Kits

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Pool Chemical Kits Save Money

    Ensuring the chemistry of your swimming pool water is one of the most important jobs of a pool owner. Pool chemical value kits help to maintain safe and consistent swimming water balance by removing contaminants and preventing the growth of algae and bacteria, at a much better price than buying each chemical individually. For busy pool owners, pool chemical kits are a convenient way to get all the pool chemicals you need at an affordable price.

    Pool Opening Kits

    Our pool start-up kits include everything you need to restore blue and clear pool water after a long winter. Our swimming pool spring opening chemical kits include our powerful chlorine Pool Shock, Stain Away, Clarifier, Algaecide, Clarifier, Stain Away, Sun Sorb and (10) sample test strips. In The Swim pool start-up kits are also available with AquaPill Spring Pill, and with Natural Chemistry Pool Magic and Metal Free, stocked in all our warehouses for fast 1-day delivery. 

       - Basic Spring Pool Start-Up Kits
       - Deluxe Spring Start-Up Kits with Spring Pill
       - Ultimate Spring Start-Up Kits with Natural Chemistry

    Pool Closing Kits

    When closing and covering or winterizing the pool, it is important to treat the water so that stagnation does not allow algae growth to run rampant, and to prevent stains and scaling during winter. In The Swim pool closing kits are the perfect solution for any size pool, and all include powerful non-chlorine shock, stain away, winter algaecide, floating slow-dissolve non-chlorine sanitizer and a winter oil absorber. In The Swim pool winter chemical kits are also available with AquaPill Winter Pill, and with Natural Chemistry Pool Magic and Metal Free, stocked in all our warehouses for fast 1-day delivery. 

       - Basic Pool Closing Kits
       - Deluxe Closing Kits with Winter Pill
       - Ultimate Closing Kits with Natural Chemistry 

    Pool Algae Kits

    When fighting pool algae, you have to hit it hard with the right chemicals to prevent recurrence and to solve the problem quickly. In The Swim has heard our customers request for a complete pool algae treatment, so we've combined the best algae fighters and related chemicals for speed and efficiency, while saving you money and time.

    Algae Attack Packs include our powerful Super Pool Shock, with pH reducer to make it even more potent. Follow-up a few days later with our strongest Algaecide 60 Plus, and then add the Clarifier to aid your pool filter in quick water clean-up. Shock - Algaecide - Clarifier; a strong algae fighting team, for mild to medium pool algae problems. See also our Shock Value Packs.

    Algae-Free Chemical Kits include our Super Pool Shock, along with Green to Clean chlorine booster for hyper-chlorination pool treatment. Follow-up with Natural Chemistry's PhosFree and Pool First Aid treatment, and our granular pool Filter Cleaner. Powerful suite of algae chemicals will kill and control even severe pool algae problems. 

    Pool Season Chemical Packages

    Buying a season pool chemical package saves big over buying each item individually, and ordering by pool size saves guesswork on calculating the correct amount needed for the entire pool season. Our Budget Saver pool chemical value kits include our powerful Pool Shock, Stain Away, Super Algaecide and In The Swim chlorine tablets, along with (10) sample test strips. In The Swim's Spring/Summer and the Ultimate pool season chemical kits contain the same chemicals, just more of them, plus we add non-chlorine shock in addition to chlorine shock, to manage most of your shock treating needs. 

       - Budget Saver Pool Chemical Package
       - Spring/Summer Pool Chemical Package
       - Ultimate Pool Season Chemical Package

    Shock Value Packs

    When you have tablets leftover from the previous season, look to our Shock Value Packs. 3 simple products that are most commonly used in addition to pool chlorine tablets - our powerful Pool Shock, along with our most popular Algaecide and Clarifier. Available in two sizes, for aboveground pools and inground pools, with 6 or 12 bags of pool shock. Save time and money with the In The Swim pool Shock Value Packs!

    Spa & Hot Tub Chemical Packages

    Swimming pools have just one start-up per year, in spring - but spas and hot tubs can have 4 start-ups per year, every time the hot tub is emptied to change the water. Bromine Spa Start-Up Kits are the perfect solution for the busy spa or hot tub owner. Spa start-up kits include 3.5 pounds of America's Favorite In The Swim Bromine Tablets, Spa Shock, Spa pH Plus and pH Minus, and Spa Metal Out, plus a sample (10) test strip pack.